BarrieHaus Beer Co

If you need your first or second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, Ybor City’s BarrieHaus Beer Co. has you covered.

“The reservations actually close tonight, Wednesday April 14,” BarrieHaus co-founder Junbae Lee told Creative Loafing Tampa Bay. That means only the scheduled number of shots will be available on Thursday, so no walk ups allowed.

Lee added that if someone is booking their second Pfizer jab, they should also contact the location where they received the first dose to let the medical staff know.

Anyone getting their first dose at BarrieHaus on Thursday will have their second dose scheduled for the same location three weeks later. Vaccines are being administered by the HCi Group from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

As of now, there are no beer specials or incentives to get vaccinated, but, you know, you get to keep yourself and community safe if you get poked.

Visit to get your reservations.

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