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Barrie Haus Beer a community-centered microbrewery founded on the passion of family tradition, a love of innovating, and the enjoyment of world-class lager beer. With 150-years of brewing history, we serve unique craft lagers and ales to families and friends in a one-of-a-kind historic environment in Ybor City. In our warm rustic atmosphere, you can kick back and relax while tasting the modern interpretation of our family’s rich brewing heritage.

Lager [lah-ger]

Lager is a German word that translates as “storage,” which gives a hint as to its method of brewing. Lagers are beers that are ferment slowly at low temperatures. They also ferment from the bottom up. Ales ferment quickly from the top down and are brewed in a warm environment.

Czech Side Pull Faucets

We are proud to serve our beers out of our elegant side pull faucets which allow the beertender to control the flow of beer and provide a perfect pour to our guests. The taste of the dense, wet foam uniquely created by these faucets provides a delicious drinking experience. All of our lagers are meticulously crafted on-site and many are poured through our Czech side pull faucets, imported from the Czech Republic.

More Than Great Beer

Speciality munchies made in Haus and a variety of red, white, and sparkling wines are available. 

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BarrieHaus was founded on crafting the best full-flavored lager brewed from high-quality ingredients right in the heart of Ybor City. 

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BarrieHaus Beers can be found at restaurants and stores throughout the state of Florida. Check out our list to see where you can find us!

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