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Taproom Manager | BarrieHaus Beer Co. | Trinity, FL

BarrieHaus Beer Co. is a Microbrewery and Taproom in Ybor City, Florida opening our first satellite location in
Trinity, Florida. Our Front of House team fosters a fun and upbeat work environment to provide fantastic
customer service. BarrieHaus hires positive, genuine team members. Two years of hospitality management
experience is required. Successful applicants that meet job requirements must be able to consistently work during
regular business hours – Monday thru Friday 2pm–11pm, Saturday 11am–1am, Sunday 11am–9pm.

Compensation is competitive. There are no benefits or paid leave available currently.
Your position shall serve as Taproom Manager and Brand Ambassador of the Company, with duties and
responsibilities that are customary for such position. You shall support and collaborate with the BarrieHaus Beer
Co brewery team, although the Company may decide to either change or add more responsibilities in due time.

Among your duties are:
● Guest Hospitality
  ○ Ensure hospitality is the top priority in the taproom to guests.
■ Make decisions with this core value in mind.
  ○ Deliver customer service in an efficient and dependable manner.
  ○ Be a proactive leader and display professionalism on premise and at off premise events,
especially when alcohol is present.
  ○ Create and maintain relations with musicians, vendors, and the local community.
● Personnel
  ○ Manage Taproom Beertenders and Barbacks with BarrieHaus values and culture.
  ○ Be the direct report for all taproom personnel for concerns, suggestions, feedback.
  ○ Communicate information to taproom personnel about all the products we offer in the
taproom and processes.
  ○ Assist Human Resources with interviews, disciplinary actions, hiring decisions and
termination decisions of Beertenders and Barbacks.
  ○ Maintain the Beertender schedule 2 weeks in advance.
  ○ Ensure all Beertenders maintain up to date TIPS certification.
  ○ Ensure timely nightly reports for team communication.
● Facilities
  ○ Be knowledgeable about all the beers, different products and events of BarrieHaus Beer
■ Obtain the cicerone beer server certification.
  ○ Coordinate Taproom preparation and set up for special events.
  ○ Coordinate or perform taproom and biergarten repairs and maintenance.
  ○ Maintain safety, organization, and cleanliness in all the working areas.
  ○ Coordinate and perform biweekly maintenance of beer draft and line cleanings.
  ○ Assure all the storage areas for taproom utilities are clean and maintained.
  ○ Recognize the location and organize all the supplies and working tools needed.
  ○ Improve efficiency in every process.
● Inventory
  ○ Ensure taproom cooler inventory is stocked and ready every week before the weekend.
  ○ Supply information to the BOH team and Operations Manager about beer needs and feedback.
  ○ Record monthly beverage, food, wine and merchandise Inventory reports (at end of month).
  ○ Update menu boards in house and on Untappd.
  ○ Purchase consumables for taproom operation:

July 2024

■ Wine & prosecco
■ Cider, seltzer, guess taps or any beverages
■ Bathroom supplies
■ Cleaning supplies
■ Miscellaneous

● Operations
  ○ Participate in weekly production and Sales meetings as decision maker for FOH.
  ○ Participate in weekly Events meeting.
  ○ Provide input on merchandise and marketing material.

 Must have at least 2 years hospitality management experience
 Must be 21 years of age or older
 Must be self-motivated with a sense of urgency to complete a given task in an upbeat manner
 Must be a strong collaborator and team player
 Must be enthusiastic, engaging, well organized, and self-motivated
 Must maintain a good attitude while under stressful situations on a regular basis
 Must be reliable and hard working
 Willingness to continuously be educated on beer styles and flavor profiles
 Passion for craft beer and beer education
 Capacity Recommended: Able to lift 80 lb kegs on a regular basis, able to regularly tolerate temperatures
below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, able to bend and clean floors and other spaces.
 Capacity Required: Able to stand for extended periods of time up to 8 hours, able to carry up to 40
pounds at least 500 feet and push and pull 200 pounds.
 High school diploma
 Valid driver’s license
 Reliable transportation
 Must have an open schedule and willing to work weekends, nights, and most holidays
BarrieHaus Beer Co. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment
without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, political beliefs, or
marital/familial status. The selected candidate must pass a post-offer, pre-employment background check and
driver license check

Please send your resumes by 7/22/24

1403 E. 5th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

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